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I've tried to make this database the most complete and accurate site available for information on Indy Car racing.  Unfortunately it can never be 100% complete, too much early data simply no longer exists.  But the goal is to keep updating and trying to make this info as complete as humanly possible.  If you've noticed any mistakes on this site, please feel free to let me know.  With this much data, it's impossible to be 100% mistake free, though I've tried to get as close as possible.  There is also a lot of data missing.  If you have any information that can fill in the blanks I would greatly appreciate it.  Specifically here's what I'm looking for:

Biographical data

Biographical data can be hard enough to come by for some newer drivers, for most older ones it's incredibly difficult.  There are a number of drivers who I don't even have a first name for.  It happens mostly with drivers from 1909 through the early '20s.  If you have any info regarding these areas I would greatly appreciate it:

  • Full names, including middle names (very difficult to get)
  • Birth places (actual birth places are preferred, but even if it's just a listed hometown from a program it's better than nothing)
  • Birth and death dates

Statistical data

The biggest holes are with car numbers and chassis/engines, again mostly from the early years.  I'm not sure this data will ever be recovered.  There are also other events that I'm looking for help on, specifically:

  • The 1946 championship.  There are a lot of sprint car races, in fact all 71 of them, where I don't have full results.
  • Full results for a number of pre-WWII non-points races.
  • Results for the 1953 NASCAR Speedway Division.  Only 3 races were held: June 10 at Greensboro, June 28 at Fayetteville, and a later race at Martinsville.  I only have the race winners.  All other info is missing.
  • There was a last chance race to fill out the field for the 1981 Michigan 500, I need the results of that.
  • I need a full entry list and list of those who did not make the main event for 2 of the 3 dirt races in the 1981-82 USAC season, DuQuoin and the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  I already have the info from Springfield.
  • Any info regarding qualifying results, especially the DNQs, for the 3 dirt races in the 1982-83 USAC season will help.  I have DNQs for Nazareth but not the other two, and I don't have a lineup for 2 of 3 races.
  • I need the DNQs for the DuQuoin dirt race in 1983.
  • I'm positive there are entries from Indianapolis in the early years that have been missed along the way, the info from that area is spotty at times.
  • Race names are sometimes missing, especially from the early years.  When you see something with a generic title such as Oklahoma City Race or Detroit 100, that's because I don't have the actual name.  Of course the race could actually have been named simply the Detroit 100, but I don't know.
  • Track names are often the same way.  A generic sounding name like Oklahoma City Road Race Circuit is because I don't know what the track's name was, or if it even had one.  Sometimes they don't, for example Long Beach is listed as Long Beach Street Circuit because there isn't a formal name for the track like a permanent road course would have.

There may also be more non points races or drivers entered at races that I know nothing about.  Any information that will help complete the record will be greatly appreciated.


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