Below are links to sites that have been very useful in researching for this project.  There's a ton of good information here that you'll probably find interesting.

Atlas Nostalgia Forum - Not only is this full of highly informative people from around the world, it's also without doubt the most civil racing forum I've ever seen.  Mainly Euro-based, but there's pretty much any branch of the sport up for discussion, just remember it's nostalgia, not current events. - There are lots of results dealing with Canadian motorsports here.

CART World - A good database covering the CART era.  Also links to F1, F3000 and IRL databases.

Champ Car World Series Website - The home page of the Champ Car World Series.

Des Moines Speedway Page - A very interesting site with full details of the Des Moines Speedway, a board track that held Champ Car races in 1915 and 1916.

FORIX: Formula One Results & Information eXplorer - The biggest racing statistical database I've seen.  Crammed full of F1 photos and data.  It is a subscription site.

GEL Motorsport Information Page - All sorts of general racing information.

Golden Era of Grand Prix Racing - A very detailed site covering Grand Prix and lower racing from 1934-1940.

History of Automobile Racing, Cowley County Fairgrounds - The series of pages here detail a lot of early sprint and midget racing in the Midwest.

IRL Website - IRL home page.

Johnson's Indy 500: Indy Facts on the Web - The biggest database of Indy 500 information, there's all sort of info here.  Also covers the other races at the speedway.

Motorsport Memorial - Dedicated to drivers who have died during competition. Stats Channel - Champ Car race results dating back to the beginning.  Without the information available there this site would not have been possible.

National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame Website - A lot of the Champ Car drivers in the middle era of the sport came out of midgets, this is a good place to learn about the ones that maybe didn't do a lot in a Champ Car but were great in a midget. - Racing Statistics and History - Database full of NASCAR race results and driver statistics.

Rumbledrome - A good source of reading about the earlier days of the sport.

The Fullspeed CART-Champ Car DataBase - Another database with a good amount of Champ Car info.

The Vintage Racer - Mainly focuses on dirt track racing in the eastern United States.

Where Are They Now? - An outstanding site detailing the legacies of F1, F3000 and Indy 500 drivers.

Yahoo Groups: Racing History - A good discussion group focusing on open wheel, U.S. dirt track racing, pre-1970.

Yahoo Groups: Canadian Motorsport History - A good discussion group focusing on the Canadian racing scene.


Also some books that have been good sources and would make good additions to a racing library:

The Guinness Guide to International Motor Racing by Peter Higham

The History of American Speedways Past & Present by Allan Brown

The American Dirt Track Racer by Joe Scalzo

Rumblin' Ragtops: The History of NASCAR's Fabulous Convertible Division by Greg Fielden

The Stock Car Racing Encyclopedia by Peter Golenbock and Greg Fielden

For Gold & Glory: Charlie Wiggins and the African-American Racing Car Circuit by Todd Gould

Forgotten Heroes of the Speedways: The Riding Mechanics by John Blazier and Tom Rollings

Jedediah Riggs: Portraits & Legacy by Michael Henry

and a number of different race programs, media guides and newsletters from CART, USAC and the Indy 500.


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