Chicago 100
Speedway Park
2 Mile Board Oval
50 Laps/100 Miles
June 22, 1918

Finish Start Driver Car # Sponsor/Name Chassis Engine Laps Status


1 X Louis Chevrolet 3 X Frontenac Frontenac 50 0:55:25 108.271
2 X Ralph Mulford 9 X Frontenac Frontenac 50 0:57:07 105.048  
3 X Ira Vail 14 X Hudson Hudson 50 0:58:15 103.004  
4 X Denny Hickey 12 X Hudson Hudson X X  
5 X Barney Oldfield 15 Golden Submarine Oldfield Oldfield X X  
6 X Tom Alley 22 X Bender Bender X X  
7 X Tommy Milton 7 X Duesenberg Duesenberg X X  
8 X Ralph DePalma 4 X Packard Packard X X  
X X Dario Resta 1 Resta Special Peugeot Liberty 41 Tire trouble  
X X Arthur Duray 2 X Frontenac Frontenac X X  
4 of the following 10 drivers also started, the others did not.  Exactly which 4 started I don't yet know.
X X Milton McBride 27 X Comet Comet X X  
X X Al Cotey 32 X Ogren Ogren X X  
X X Harry Rosengreen 30 X Ostewig Ostewig X X  
X X Percy Ford 10 X Duesenberg Duesenberg X X  
X X De Lloyd Thompson 21 X Delage Delage X X  
X X I. P. Fetterman 24 X Peerless Peerless X X  
X X Omar Toft 5 X Miller Miller X X  
X X Fred McCarthy 31 X Gyrotary Gyrotary X X  
X X Eddie Hearne X X X X X X  
X X Joe Boyer 16 X Frontenac Frontenac X X  
The race was run as a handicap event.  Following are the handicap time in seconds for each driver:
  McBride 90  
  Cotey 90  
  Rosengreen 90  
  Ford 90  
  Thompson 85  
  Fetterman 80  
  Vail 75  
  Alley 75  
  Hickey 70  
  Toft 65  
  McCarthy 60  
  Hearne 50  
  Milton 50  
  Duray 45  
  Oldfield 40  
  Boyer 40  
  Resta 30  
  Mulford 20  
  Chevrolet 15  
  DePalma 0  


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